Back when I was working in fashion and learning to play guitar, I came up with the idea of creating a tee label inspired by music. I had sold a few prints by that stage to major fashion players. Fashion week and high end designers never spoke to me in the way that street fashion and blogs did. I lived in band tshirts and went to gigs not balls but I found it hard to find soft cotton tees mixed with a simple print in a flattering cut.

I was a bit burnt out working long hours with little kids and it seemed like a good idea at the time! Back then I sketched the F Chord Print, and then left that job, and worked in the beauty and bedlinen industries before finally revisiting the idea five years on. 

So it took me a while but I did it in the end! The F Chord Print has gone on to be a best seller and staple that comes back from time to time. It's pretty cool that I still love the first print I ever did for Folksong. For those of you that don't play music. The image shows the positioning of the fingers for the F Chord on the guitar. 

This print is currently available in our cropped tank/muscle tee and our muscle dress.