There's no place I would rather be than sitting down to draw tshirt prints, so the name of our Summer 2017 collection seems to wrap up how I feel about Folksong. Grateful, content, proud and happy is how I feel when I look back on the journey so far. Of course I have other feelings on occasion that involve fear, frustration and stress, but they don't usually surface when I'm drawing! 
(There is) No Greater Love was recorded by Billie Holiday and then later Amy Winehouse. These women were so talented but also complex and flawed in many ways just like so many of us are. I've always been drawn to artists that are slightly left of centre, and a bit rough around the edges, as they seem more real to me. Maybe that's why I prefer to leave imperfections in my sketches.

There are quite a few musical references in this collection, including another ode to Amy - Trouble. See if you can spot the others. The original F Chord print also makes a come back this season. 
For the first time we have two tshirt dresses - the muscle dress and the hilo dress that have almost sold out already. Our new cropped muscle tank will be perfect mixed back with your favourite maxi skirt or denim shorts this summer. I hope you like it.
With Great Love