We don't subscribe to rules when it comes to fashion. Life is way to short to be told what to wear. But you might like these life hacks in achieving a modern bohemian vibe...

1. Hair Salt Spray and Dry Shampoo - Salt Spray while your hair is still damp. Dry Shampoo to tussle up day old hair. We like Not Your Mother's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, and Bastiste's Dry Shampoo. Both available at Priceline. 

2. Accessories - A fedora hat. Boots with a floaty dress. A cross body bag. A simple piece of silver jewellery. 


3. Relax The Fit - Choose items that skim the body and feel lightweight and breathable. 

4. Contrasting textures - Pair a leather jacket with a floaty floral dress or suede boots with skinny jeans. 

5. Mix it Up - Pair dressy piece with casual pieces. Keep it interesting with embellishment, print or fabric texture. Your favourite tees can be worn knotted or tucked in. Choose a print with bohemian spirit.