If ever I am feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or scared shitless of what I'm doing, these three magical things make life ok again. They're also what inspires me to create Folksong collections. 
Music and art are the obvious influences, but friendship is equally important to my creative process. My friendship with Athena & Co founder Athena Smith has been a little gem of a find in my life. We first met more than 8 years ago when our chocolate Labradors Tia and Billy introduced us. We were both working in the fashion industry, with small children, and looking to balance our creative and family lives. So Athena & Co and Folksong were born. 
Athena's hand beaded jewellery pieces are more than just a necklace or bracelet to me. Her colour combinations, hand knotted details, beautiful findings and silk threads are often the result of a trip away, a quirky fashion find, a song or a memory. 

I am constantly inspired by Athena's use of colour and her ability to be wearing something the kids will discover in a years time. I've stolen lilac from her, and probably rose gold too! The creative journey is definitely more fun with friends. 

Sadly Billy and Tia have both passed away, but what they left was a beautiful, lasting friendship.  

You can find Athena's pieces at and on IG at athenaandco. 

Peace x Sue