We pretty much live in our Folksong Tees. Whether they're thrown over a pair of denim shorts at the beach or tucked into a leather skirt with heels - tees work for life. 

But sometimes you need a floaty top or dress and some colour to break up those tee and trackie days. 

Enter our first crinkle cotton collection. We set out to create simple, bohemian pieces in lightweight, super soft cotton with subtle detailing and raw edges.  

Each piece is made and dyed  in Australia, so we can create delicious custom colours with our customers in mind. 

Folksong is inspired by favourite songs and good times with friends. We look to our favourite artists for inspiration rather than the catwalk and we're more likely to emulate a lead singer than a super model. 

We like the idea of wearing a cotton dress with sky high heels to a wedding, or tucking a tee into a tulle skirt if we're told its black tie. We don't like rules, we like to eat at functions and we wear Folksong everyday ♡